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Fall Is Coming, And We Have Everything You Need To Stay Bright And Beautiful!

By September 5, 2019 No Comments

The calendar may show that it is still summer, though we often recognize early September as the beginning of fall. It may seem like the “Monday” of the year…vacations are taken, the kids are back in school, and daylight hours are shortening. Despite the seasonal change, you can keep your summer tone, bright smile, and healthy skin all year…and we have everything needed to make it happen.

With over 300 days of Colorado sunshine per year, it is not unusual to maintain a darker skin tone through fall and winter. Choose the tone you prefer by varying the bed, lotion, and amount of tanning time used when establishing your base-tan.

With our iBright teeth whitening system, you’ll be ready for the holidays with a dazzling smile. And also, you’ll want to utilize our skin hydration bed and line of skin care products that many customers have already found successful in maintaining healthier- and younger-looking skin.

Thank you for your business! We are excited to see our customers all year-long.

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