Indoor Tanning Basics

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  1. Talk to us and determine your skin type and reaction to tanning. We will help you select the right bed, lotion, and tanning time as well as develop a full tanning program suited for you.
  2. It’s best to shower, shave, and exfoliate a day or two before your tanning session.
  3. Check the side effects of prescription medications. Some medications can increase skin sensitivity when exposed to UV rays.
  4. Remove makeup and jewelry and avoid wearing heavy perfumes or essential oils when tanning.
  5. Once you’re in one of our private and secure tanning rooms, disrobe to your comfort level. If you choose tan nude, be sure to cover areas not typically exposed to the sun. Ask us about what clothing can be worn while spray tanning.
  6. Apply tanning lotion over exposed areas of your body. Note that lotions not made for indoor tanning can cause damage to tanning beds and won’t help develop your tan.
  7. Protective eye-wear is required.
  8. Bed tanning combined with spray tanning is sometimes called “double dipping” or a “cocktail tan.” Bed tanning triggers melanin production and opens the pores, allowing the spray solution to better penetrate the skin.
  9. Ask us about how long to wait before showering and other tips to make the most of your tanning experience.

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