It was a wonderful holiday season as we enjoyed seeing so many new and regular customers.  Many of you have seen our line of designer-inspired purses that will compliment your tan.  In addition to the many purses still available, we’ve received new winter accessories including nice gloves and scarves, so you’ll look great and stay warm!  There are also some nice wallets and other men’s items available.

Going on vacation to warmer climes this winter? – A reminder: Come in early and begin tanning or starting a Versa spray tan program to establish a beautiful tone before leaving.  With three levels of UVB beds, a stand-up booth, and the Versa spray tan booth, we can accomodate your tanning goals.  And whether vacationing or not, you’ll enjoy radiating a warm skin tone through this cold winter!  And don’t forget to come in for a refreshing skin hydration sesssion to counter the effects that the dry, cold air has on your skin.

Appointments are not necessary, though we ask new customers and those coming in for a skin hydration session to come in at least an hour before closing, also that skin hydration customers call and give 30 minutes notice.  You’re going to look wonderful with new winter accessories and a fresh tan!  Come see us 🙂

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