Planning a prep routine can increase the quality of your spray session, leaving you with a great looking tan.  All your pampering should be done prior to spray tanning, including massage, facial, waxing, and shaving.  Maybe the most important prep step prior to spray tanning is exfoliating the day before.  If using a scrub or chemical exfoliator, apply the product gently using small, light, circular motions for about 30 seconds, then rinse off with warm water.  This creates an absorbant base for your spray tan.  Clean skin is key and that includes not wearing perfurme, body deodorants, lotions or make-up to your tanning session.

Timing your tan is also an important prep step.  Plan tanning at least a day before an event where you want to show off your great looking spray tan.  This will allow the tan to develop into a natural tone as well as reduce the amount of rub-off onto your clothes.

Remembering a couple of things to do and not do after tanning will also improve your results:  Do not shower, swim or sweat for at least twelve hours after tanning.  Wear loose fitting clothes while your tan develops the first day, including while sleeping that first night.

Consult with our experts to best plan your spray session, including if you have an upcoming event, vacation plans, or of any skin conditions.  Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding so that sensitive areas can be effectively covered during your session.

Spray tanning is a process and a good prep makes for a great looking spray tan.

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